Frequently asked questions

  • Should I opt for a salaried (School Direct) or for a fee funded (SCITT Core) training route?

Both training routes are school centred as we believe that this is the best way to learn how to be a teacher.  Both routes lead to a QTS qualification with the option of a PGCE uplift.  There are however some differences between the two training routes.  We have summarised the key differences here in order to help you to choose which route is right for you.  If you come for an interview and we decide that the route you have opted for on your UCAS application is not the right one for you, your application can be changed post interview.

  • What if I don’t have English or maths at grade C (level 4) or above (or science for primary teaching)?

You can still apply for teacher training, but we will require you to pass an equivalency test before we confirm any offer that we make.

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  • What if I am applying from abroad?

If you studied abroad and do not have an English GCSE as you studied it as a second language, you can sit the IELTS test.  Our minimum requirement is for an overall score of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 for Reading and 6.0 for Writing.

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We welcome applications from abroad but you must have the right to work in the UK.  If you need further information about visa requirements and eligibility for the UK, please click here.  You will also need to have had at least five days of school experience in a UK state shool, in the subject in which you want to teach, within the last year.

  • Can I apply if I have international qualifications?

You would need to obtain a NARIC statement of equivalence BEFORE applying to our course

  • What if it is a long time that I sat my degree?

We may recommend that you take a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course prior to starting your teacher training.  These courses are designed to top up or refresh your subject knowledge and are fully funded. They vary in duration and can be done online, so you can find a course that suits you.

SKEs are only available for the following subjects: maths, physics, languages, biology, chemistry, computing, English, geography and design and technology.

It is not possible to sign up for an SKE until you have received an offer of a teacher training place from us.

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If you are applying for a subject that is not supported by a Subject Knowledge course, we may recommend you spending time in your host school before starting your course where possible, and will also ensure that you have reading lists and contact with the department in which you will be placed.   

  • I am completing my degree, can I still apply?

Yes but if you are made an offer, this will be conditional on you passing your degree prior to the start of the training course.

  • My degree isn't related to the subject that I wish to teach.

All applicants must hold a degree or an international qualification recognised by NARIC as being UK degree level.  We would prefer secondary applicants to hold an A'level at grade A or B or equivalent in their subject, if it has not been studied at degree level.  MFL candidates should have a degree but this does not necessarily have to be in a language.  All candidates would need to demonstrate sufficient subject knowledge at interview.  

  • Can I apply directly rather than via UCAS?

No, everyone must submit an application via UCAS.

  • Can I apply even if I do not hold a degree?

All applicants must hold a degree - either from a UK university, or an equivalent international qualification that has been approved by NARIC as being UK degree level. 

  • How do I book a Professional Skills test?

‚ÄčOnce an offer is made, all candidates will be required to book a Professional Skills test in numeracy and literacy within 6 weeks.  For further information about the tests and how to book, please click here.