The interview process

Once we have received your application via UCAS we will check that you meet the qualification eligibility criteria and that you demonstrate a drive for and commitment to teaching in your personal statement.  We will then invite you for interview; these take place on a Wednesday (primary) or a Friday (secondary) until all our places have been filled.  As we interview regularly,  if you cannot make the interview date that we offer, we can usually offer an alternative one fairly soon afterwards.

Both primary and secondary teacher training applicants will be assessed for their suitability to train to teach.  We are looking for a broad knowledge of subject, commitment and preparation, good communication skills, an insight into classroom management techniques and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people.  

The structures of the interviews are slightly different for the primary and secondary routes.


The interview process is in two parts but is usually completed before lunchtime.  Firstly you will be asked to give a 5-minute presentation on a given theme, followed by a 30-minute written paper and a 20-minute group activity with a group of 5 primary school children (year 4).  If successful you will continue on to the second part of the process which consists of a 30-minute planning activity and a 40-minute formal interview.

We interview in either Danetree School or Cordwalles School.  


Interview days are divided into two.  In the morning you will be asked to make a 5-minute presentation on your subject, sit a 45-minute subject knowledge exercise plus a 45-minute lesson planning exercise.  If you are successful in the morning you will be invited to stay for the afternoon which will involve a written test, a group activity with 5 pupils and a panel interview. 

Successful candidates will be given a conditional offer which will be subject to passes in the Professional Skills tests in literacy and numeracy, DBS and health checks, evidence of qualifications etc.  

Detailed verbal feedback is provided to all interviewees following this process.